Founder of Know Hose

Do you know that fashion is where you belong? Ever wonder how someone comes up with great brands? 

Diamonique Lynem founder/ CEO of Know Hose hosiery brand started this line in 2012 of November. Attending Clark Atlanta University in 2009-2012 as a fashion student she knew this was the path she'd need to take to be successful in her eyes. Knowing many fashion designers, owning many fashionable pieces and accessories she always knew fashion was her niche; the only thing she would enjoy spending her time to discuss or even dream about. Unlike many others Diamonique never wanted to fit in fashionably but she always had a classic sense of style. 

Although college was a necessity in life she took a break to focus on becoming an entrepreneur. Being from a city with not a lot fashion sense (Detroit), she new she wanted to make a difference with the fashion world. While watching the women in her town travel the city barely dressed disgusted her and wanted women to know that you can be beautiful covered up fully. She wanted to bring classic dressing back. Women wearing skirts, dresses, shorts with the proper undergarments and accessories. While noticing the clothing becoming more trendy, and distasteful she remembered what her grandmother dressed like in the 50's & 60's. Reminiscing through pictures and fashion of that time she couldn't help but to notice all women wore pantyhose during that time even if they wore pants. 

Diamonique always had an infatuation for tights and stockings. She then remembered her mom putting her in charter schools for grade years. Diamonique hated charter school because she had to wear uniforms & was not able to express her fashion sense. In the winters where shes from (Michigan) they become very harsh & cold. She hated pants & couldn't wear skirts without wearing anything underneath. She remembered that thigh-hi's were in at the time of the late 90's; since she always had her own sense of style, & being very tiny thigh-hi's wouldn't fit her legs at all.She went with her mom one day to the mall & decided to look at the thigh-hi's while stumbling across stockings where she found all types of designer tights such as Wolford, DKNY, Givenchy, Hue & many more. She started to pick out unique stockings & the more designs the tight would have the more the price increased. Her mom was a middle class working woman who could afford nice fashion pieces but she knew she couldn't over due it & some of the designs she picked out would range from $60-300 for one tight. 

This is when Diamonique knew she wanted to start a hosiery line, Diamonique wanted women to be able to afford a fashionable designed tight of good quality without breaking the bank, or resulting to going bare. This resulted of Know Hose and how the brand was founded.

Meet the master mind behind Know Hose Diamonique; She gears to bring her clientele unique designed pantyhose & tights while keeping the quality standards high and the prices affordably.Stay tuned for her new designs coming! 



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  • You know I’m your 1# fan, I will continue to support you as well as pray for you. And if I can contribute to Know Hose I’m a phone call away. May you continue to reach higher heights, and May God continue to give you the vision to expand Know Hose! 😘

    • Kim Turner