Ladies, you have been browsing Know Hose hosiery for quite some time now! You look at the tights & pantyhose and think these are cute but they are to jazzy for me. You're shopping on the site & think Know Hose hosiery is the hottest ever but, your always at work and will never get a chance to wear those tights. Well, Ladies I am here to help you; I have paired a few tights from Know Hose selection & paired them with vintage work pieces to show you it is possible & can be done correctly. While being in your work force Know Hose will make you the center of attention no matter what your profession is, but only in the right way. I know this will broaden your fashion sense & cant wait to see how you wear your Know Hose tights in your work force. Don't forget to Hashtag #Knowhose when you upload pictures. 


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